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Fake security gadgets.

Fake security gadgets have become all too common

Some who have been around awhile may remember gadgets demonstrated at swap meets, making all manner of outrageous claims of their effectiveness at solving some problem or another. These were and still are, almost always scams. Sadly, hastily printed brochures on printer paper cannot change the laws of physics.

This trend has hardly changed at all, now that the internet exists.

We are now awash with advertisements for the latest crowdfund campaign to launch new technology. There is always an accompanying feel-good video to explain the workings of this new thing, with the promise that it all works how they say it does.

There have been water heaters that will never get UL approval. Gadgets to create cell phone nets in remote areas, with false range claims. A flying camera company that took preorders without a plan to manufacture, and never shipped a single unit. Today it is the USB device that will stop you from ever getting a virus, having your information stolen, or being identified. Just plug it in and you are safe.

This couldn’t be any further from the truth. There is no magic fix, as usual.

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