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Article "Spectre" and "Meltdown" computer security flaws Amazon, Google and now Apple are added to the list hit by the “Spectre” and “Meltdown” computer security flaws.
Article Computer and Network Security Myths Security Myths, The “common knowledge” that is passed around every day is often incomplete, or completely wrong.
Wiki Computer Networking and Security High End Business Computer networking, design, security technology, diagnostics and repair. We can build, secure and repair it. Also experienced systems integrators
forum post Fake security gadgets. Fake security gadgets have become all too common Some who have been around awhile may remember gadgets demonstrated at swap meets, making all manner of outrageous claims of their effectiveness
forum post Fax Security A lot of attention is put in to computer security these days, but there are many ways that information can be lost to unauthorized parties. The FAX (Short for facsimile) machine has been around a long
Article Guard your cables Musings on exploits from an ethical hardware hacker
Article Ignoring Security Problems Many companies are not fixing security problems.
Article Most common ways that Hackers get in. It is less complicated than than you think. Most systems are compromised by simple tricks
forum post Patient records stolen from Torrance Memorial Medical Center. This is one of the reason we recommend security audits and preventative measures. There are many local businesses that are vulnerable. https://www.dailybreeze.com/2017/06/19/patient-records-stolen-i
Article Ransom-ware up 3500% Like most malware threats ransomeware is increasing at an exponential rate.
Article Ransomware Ransomware
Article Security camera considerations Many companies are installing security cameras to deal with common risks, but often, they are not as effective as expected
Wiki SecurityC Security testing and compliance
Article Simple security tips everyone should follow Simple security tips everyone should follow
Article Small Business in the digital world Technology issues are often overlooked by small business
Wiki Support Services
Article The realm of the physical: Social engineering, practical hacks, and the great unpatched security vulnerability that is real life.
Wiki Troubleshooting-Repair Advanced diagnostics and troubshooting of computer systems.
Article Uber Hack 57 millions users data stolen.
Wiki Vulnerability Testing Computer network Security vulnerability, penetration testing and compliance
Article Warning for Torrance and surrounding Southbay area. There are many unsolved security problems at local businesses
Article Woops. New Mac OSX release leaves root user password blank Anyone with access to a machine running “high sierra” mac OSX can get full access privileges by entering blank password.
forum post WPA2 security flaw Wifi Security problem What is it? WPA2 is the encryption protocol used by most WiFi access points. Most homes, offices and businesses use wireless network and internet services in some manner, wh