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Article Computer and Network Security Myths Security Myths, The “common knowledge” that is passed around every day is often incomplete, or completely wrong.
Wiki Computer Repair, upgrades and maintenance Computer repair, upgrades maintenance, disinfection, malware removal, and hardware replacement all over the Torrance southbay area
forum post Crypto currency mining hijacks With the popularity of bitcoin and other crypto currencies, a new threat has appeared. Creating the block chains that compose the virtual currencies uses a lot of processor cycles, and doing it legiti
Article Most common ways that Hackers get in. It is less complicated than than you think. Most systems are compromised by simple tricks
forum post Pirated software can hurt your business. Right now, the Business Software Alliance, is making a big push to get employees to report non licensed software, promising a payout if money is recovered. Most people that cut the corners figure that
Article Ransom-ware up 3500% Like most malware threats ransomeware is increasing at an exponential rate.
forum post WannaCry Ransomware. A new name for an old threat. Since it has hit the news, it has been a big story, and it is a serious threat. The coverage of this particular threat creates and illusion though. The illusion be