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Article Computer and Network Security Myths Security Myths, The “common knowledge” that is passed around every day is often incomplete, or completely wrong.
Wiki forensiccomputing Investigation of network intrusions, hacking, employee misuse and malware
Article Guard your cables Musings on exploits from an ethical hardware hacker
Article Ignoring Security Problems Many companies are not fixing security problems.
Article Most common ways that Hackers get in. It is less complicated than than you think. Most systems are compromised by simple tricks
Article The realm of the physical: Social engineering, practical hacks, and the great unpatched security vulnerability that is real life.
Article Uber Hack 57 millions users data stolen.
Article Warning for Torrance and surrounding Southbay area. There are many unsolved security problems at local businesses
Article Woops. New Mac OSX release leaves root user password blank Anyone with access to a machine running “high sierra” mac OSX can get full access privileges by entering blank password.