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The search engine providers such as google, yahoo, duckduckgo, bing and others use constantly changing algorithms to rank the order in which search results are displayed. Ideally your web page should be on the first page, or perhaps second or third. Most people do not go beyond the third page without changing the search specifications. There are many changes to features of the web page that can better identify the topic and keywords of your page so that it ranks higher on the search engine for your topics. Some businesses may be concerned with global results, while others are more concerned with local ranking. Each business has different specialties, and therefore different keywords. Despite the promises that likely arrive in your email often, the rankings don’t change overnight, and attention is needed to keep web pages current, and using all the latest features. There are a lot of articles about keywords, titles, alt tags, meta tags and the like, which have greater or lesser effects depending on the goal and the search engine that the lookup is being done on. The search engine companies don’t really divulge what is happening in the algorithms, since they don’t want people deceiving them. The goal for the search engine is for the user to find the information they were looking for. Your goal is for them to find you. All this may seem to be a lot of trouble to go to, but if you do a search for keywords applicable to your business, you will see that your competitors are doing SEO on their sites. It is easy to get left behind.

It is possible to do a one time optimization, and see some improvement, usually over the next few weeks. It is usually necessary to go back, and do a new analysis, and make further adjustments based on those results as the rankings change. There is some adaption needed based on what people are looking for, and topics that are trending. For most small businesses budget is also a consideration, so we are offering a subscription based model in which we make regular adjustments to keep your web site ranking as high as possible. Each step of the way we communicate with you regarding what needs to be done and make sure it fits with your business needs.


Basic SEO Search Engine Optimization

Our most basic package for personal users. This is best for organizations with low competition, and those who are satisfied with slow changes.

For: -Personal/Bio pages


-Keyword and tag tuning

Small business SEO Search Engine Optimization

For: -Small business/company page -Reach customers in your area


-Keyword and tag tuning

-geolocation tuning


Advanced SEO Search Engine Optimization

The advanced package for business gets you more data on what your page is actually doing, and is more fine tuned for optimum search ability.

For: -Small to medium business page, -Company Page -greater customer reach


-Keyword and tag tuning

-geolocation tuning

-monthly update on page rank data

Enterprise SEO Search Engine Optimization

The enterprise package is our recommended package for medium to large business users, as it will provide the most detail about what your website is doing to bring in traffic, with detailed usage reporting, analysis, and recommendations on ways to improve.

For: -Corporate website -Company Page -Reaching many customers


-keyword and tag tuning

-geolocation tuning

-Monthly updates on page rank data

-Personalized page layout recommendations

-usability/User-friendliness testing and recommendations

Large business Enterprise users:

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