Tom Lidikay, Founder

Our company is first and foremost, a security company.

We span many industries, but all of them are viewed through that lens. Keeping people safe through technology, and protecting their privacy, is our number one goal. We believe in making more complete solutions to enterprise problems. An unbelievable number of companies will wash their hands of an issue as soon as they can prove it's not their fault. Over my years in technology integration, I was dismayed to see this situation play out over and over again, companies trying to play the "blame-Game" and pass the issue off. I do not believe in that. If you ask for our help, we are going to find the root cause of the problem, and you are going to get a full explanation. If we build a system, we are going to build it out to the edges, and make sure it works, end-to-end.


The Bridge:

Our company logo was a bit of a personal philosophy on my part. We build networks, and bridge people together. Because that is what is important. Communication technology is perhaps the single most defining type of technology over the past 3 decades. It touches every industry,and influences billions of people. Additionally it resembles the Pacific Electric Railroad Bridge, in Torrance, CA where we are based.

Let's bridge the world. Together.