Investigation of network intrusions, hacking, employee misuse and malware
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Computer forensics and Digital investigation services

Forensic computing, intrusion investigation and Digital investigation

We can assist in almost any context where an investigation crosses over into the digital realm:

  • Internal affairs
  • Human resources
  • Court proceedings
  • Criminal and civil investigations
  • Expert witness services
  • Complete, accurate reports

Computer forensics and intrusion investigation space

The world of commerce, community, and daily life has been changed by computers and computer networks in fantastic ways over the past few decades. Unfortunately, things occasionally go wrong in this new digital landscape. Laws can be broken, Cyber-crime can occur, and getting the facts straight in these circumstances is not always easy. We can use sophisticated methods to recover data, analyze log files, and monitor internet or web traffic. If attempts were made to obfuscate or destroy data, we can advise you on the best method to recover it. Our experienced engineers can analyze traffic patterns, virus/backdoor payloads, and digital fingerprints to attribute activities to the responsible party. If there are any findings, they will be written up in a detailed, easy to understand report, with our sources cited, and any digital evidence attached.