I got a call from (800) 772-1516 with a recorded message saying my Social Security number had been suspended due to fraud. So I push 1 to talk to an “officer” and get someone with an Indian accent so bad I can’t under stand half of what she was saying. “Could I please ask your ” I couldn’t understand the rest. Asked her to repeat it a few times, but still couldn’t then she hung up. Calling back the number, it went to a phone company error message. I am guessing she was asking me for my Social Security number, but I’m certainly not going to give it to some unverified person on the phone.

Additional: We have several more reports of these people calling, so it is very wide spread. They have also decided to up their game, this morning I got a call from them threatening that I may be arrested. DO NOT give these people any information. Report them to the FTC instead.


Social Security phone scam