-Danielle Lidikay

As you may have read, BitConnect was a Ponzi scheme that went down about a year ago, and we wrote about it here as well.


In that time, the Bitconnect site links have all completely shutdown (breaking all of the links in my previous article, frustratingly enough) and numerous lawsuits and criminal charges are making their way through the courts.


The people over at TokenomX have done a fantastic write up of the journey until now,including these most recent developments.

The FBI is asking that victims of the bitconnect scam submit their details for the investigation on their website. You may be contacted by the FBI for more questions.

See also the SEC guide to recognizing Ponzi schemes.


I want to thank the people over at TokenomX for the tip, and giving me the heads up that there have been more developments in this case.

They just had a crypto-currency conference as of the writing of this article, which you may want to check out for next year. (this isn’t a sponsor, I just thought it was neat. Shame I couldn’t tell you guys about it further ahead of time, but presumably this will be an annual occurrence.)