Web Page not secure - ssl tls  

Soon the registrars and browser manufacturers are going to make another push for encrypting web pages. For a while Google has been giving higher rankings to web pages that are encrypted, but the manufactureres are headed for putting red warnings on pages that do not have the encryption. If you are running a business, this will present a poor image for your web presence. You don’t want a warnign accross the top of your web page.

Encryption is a good idea for any pages that have any kind of data entry, forms, or payment processes. There are many samll business pages though that have not used the SSL or TLS encryption because there was no secure data on their site. This will no longer be optional.

The process of putting the certificates on web sites can be a bit complicated. Though generally it involves generating a certificate request from the web server and submitting it to a certificate authority, usually along with payment, then getting a responcse back to put in your web server. The exact menu options for each host vary and are not always obvious. Additionally there is often confusion over what type of certificate you need. An ecommerce store may need a verified identy certificate which is more expensive, and takes longer to get than a basic encryption certificate. If you need to protect multiple sub domains, you may need a wildcard certificate. You could also be asked for how many bits you want in the certificate, or how long it will be until it expires. You can do all this yourself, but make a mistake and you could end up paying more than you should, or having delays while the procedure is started over again.


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