Top Google Rank in 1 hour

We just got this on a flyer! Getting a high rank for meaningful keywords takes time. Occasionally someone finds a bug in the algorithm to fool the search engines, but as soon as the search engine company finds out about it, it will be gone. So how do they promise “money back guaranteed”? By placing specific phrase from your site on a site that is frequently crawled by search engines and then searching for that phrase. This is useless to you, as you want to get results for keywords which your prospects are using to find your business. Not phrases off your site.

Number 1 position guaranteed

Again, to try and support this claim they will use a phrase unique to your site. They will likely use this as a justification for not refunding your money. Nobody can guarantee you first place all the time and under all circumstances. This doesn’t mean that optimization is not worth doing, though. It is. The way to get best results is to format your site properly.

This can be done, but it does not increase your rank. Search engines have a lot of ways of finding your web site, submissions are only one. Some submissions may be useful if your site is new and has just been put online, but if it has been there a while, it has probably already been indexed. Submitting your site is one baby step in an over all optimization strategy.

These software packages do this by posting to blogs, or forums that have low security. The result is links that the search engines will disregard. The “link farms” are pages of advertising links that nobody will read. Most often these sites are compromised and frustrated system administrators will end up just deleting your link in a matter of time.

Special relationship with Google/Yahoo/MSN

This is a very common claim. The search engine companies make no vendor relationships, nor do they release how they index your site. The algorithms they use change daily. Their goal is to provide the most relevant content for a search. Bypassing that in any way lowers the value of their service.


Phishing Scams

In these cases there actually is no legitimate company, and little if any work done. You send them money and the passwords to your site and they disappear. This is typical with the spam emails you get. Most notably is one that claims they are first page with keywords “SEO Company” but neglects to say what their company name is so that you can verify it. These have been sent for several months with an address of “501 VERDUGO WAY WESTLAKE VILLAGE , CA 91362 - USA” which is also fictitious.


Is optimization worth it?

Yes, absolutely, your competition probably already is. It should be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. In most cases your position can be improved and in many cases you can get to first page, but Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ongoing process, it is not simply done in one shot. Companies offering to do this for you on a one-time basis are probably not considering an overall business strategy and you should be weary of their promises. If you see the above claims you should keep in mind the old adage, “If it seems to good to be true, it probably is”. You should make sure you are dealing with a reputable company.

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