In the news recently it was found that Iphones were slowing the CPU down in order to extend the battery life of their phones. The was causing slower performance, which was very unpopular with their user base. Steps are being to correct the issue, and it is possible to get replacement batteries now. Apple Iphone battery replacement

It is normal for batteries to degrade over time, but steps can be taken to extend the life, either using less power, or not causing a premature death to the battery. Failure of the batteries is often caused by the electrolyte drying out, or mineral deposits forming in critical places inside the battery.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your battery.

  • Update to the latest IOS software. There are many bug fixes and optimizations that are released. Even if there is a step backwards once in a while, those problems are usually fixed shortly afterwards.
  • Avoid high temperatures. Apple recommends 62° to 72° F which is a little on the cool side for most electronic devices. It should be remembered that charging heats up the phone so charging above 95° F could permanently damage the battery. A car is probably a common place to run in to this. Charging in the case could also increase the heat.
  • Set the screen a bit dimmer. The display uses a lot of power
  • Set the Auto-Brightness. It will dim the screen in lower light. Settings > Display & Brightness
  • Set the device to use WiFi when available. It uses less power than the cellular network. Settings > Wi-Fi
  • Turn off background app refresh. Settings > General > Background App Refresh
  • Turn off location services for apps that don’t need them. Settings > Privacy > Location Services
  • Use low power mode. Settings > Battery.
  • Turn off notifications you don’t need. They wake up the display. Setting > Notifications
  • Turn off radios you don’t need. You have Cellular, Blue Tooth and WiFi radios in your phone. If any of them will be unused for an extended time, such as being out of range, turning them off will save power.
  • Change when power is available. Adapters in your car, office, or portable battery packs can help refresh your battery.
  • Use a quality charger. Some cheap chargers do not regulate the voltage well and can damage the phone.
  • Close background apps, especially those that use the GPS. Double click the home button, then slide unused apps off the top of the screen.



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