Legacy computer system upgrades repair and migration
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Legacy Integration services bring your systems up to the latest standards for technology

Have old systems that you are unsure how to migrate to new platforms? Are you still running legacy code Like Fortran, Cobol, or Dbase that is becoming a bear to manage?

We can provide consultation, part-find service, emergency computer repair, and migration for aging or obsolete systems, to keep your business running smooth. Whether you are still running Microsoft server 2003 and want to upgrade, or are networked through token ring, Coax 10 Base-T, or 8 Inch FLOPPIES, there is no system we cannot handle. We will upgrade your backup systems away from Obsolete tape based backups onto newer, drive based server systems.

Is your server rack a mess of cabling, old systems that are no longer used, and systems that need replacing? We specialize in performing complex system integrations that will leave your systems looking like the world’s most elite data centers.