Security Advisories

Pirated software can hurt your business.

Right now, the Business Software Alliance, is making a big push to get employees to report non licensed software, promising a payout if money is recovered. Most people that cut the corners figure that nobody will ever know, or they are too small, but this is an opportunity for disgruntled employees to cause an expensive problem. Even if employees installed the software without your knowledge, it can still be a problem. Even the audit can be expensive.

Other risks associated with pirate software is that there are many versions floating around the internet “warez” sites that contain malicious code that could be used to steal information, passwords or hijack your computer.

Closely related would be the use of copyrighted images on web sites. There are many https://imagesprophotography.com/index.php?/articles/2015/04/copyright-myths/” class=”wiki wikinew text-danger tips”>myths around the use of images found on the internet, people often picking what they wish to believe, but the actuality is that if you didn’t create it, or have a license to use it, then you are most likely in violation. Even if a web designer put together your web site, it is advisable to check where they got the images, since you will be the one holding the bag.

Overall our advise would be the few dollars saved, would not be worth it in the long run.